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Mike did a fantastic job.

He was always willing to let us see the house and check things out before and after we committed. He is super friendly and approachable. We would recommend Mike to anyone!!

Debra Holtz

Mike is a wonderful man and I can’t imagine a more qualified agent to sell our home.

He is kind, compassionate, friendly, very professional, and really cares. We had a buyer in 4 days!!! So GRATEFUL we chose him and now consider him a friend.????

Jana Lea

We were very pleased with Mike on selling our house.

From the moment we first spoke to him about selling it to his being at our closing everything was very professionally done. In today’s world customer service like what Mike does us very hard to come by. If we ever sell or buy again we would definitely ask Mike to be our representative.

Cathy Martin

I am writing this note to anyone looking for a realtor to help sell or buy their house.

You should choose Mike Gatchet (his wife Tina comes with the package!) as your realtor. I base this recommendation on three areas where Mike and Tina provided us outstanding service in the recent sale of our home. Those areas are pre-sale valuation, superb communication to my wife and I as we were conducting our end of the sale from Texas, and his calm, relational negotiation style with potential buyers. Pre-sale with Mike was as smooth as I could imagine. We discussed best day to put the house on the market with the Christmas holiday near, then he gave us his take on our home’s value. He was clear he would list it at whatever number we wanted, but then described why he valued our home where he did with clear, cogent reasoning. We ended up going with his number. He also described what kind of traffic he expected to see in week 1 and week 2, explaining that if we didn’t have a good offer by week 2 that we would come back and discuss what we had learned from the prospective buyers and rethink the pricing. With that plan in place, I moved to TX and Mike went to work! Showings the first week were almost exactly what Mike anticipated, and by the end of the week we had feedback from one looker that they felt the price was too high, and we had a bid that netted us right at 1k less than the ask on a cash close in 2 weeks! Done. Communication with the systems Mike uses at Next Home Vibe Real Estate is a breeze. Tina, Mike’s wife, works the admin side of things and is a prompt and clear communicator. Paperwork moved back and forth easily and questions were promptly and correctly answered. Doing the closing from another state was easy and secure because of the thoughtful and intuitive systems Mike and his team have in place. Finally, Mike utilized his decades of sales experience in multiple fields to negotiate with buyers in the same rational, clear, calm, no pressure manner that is simply an extension of his personality, not a pitch. He answered prospective buyer’s questions promptly and accurately and convinced them to think about the stipulations they were considering from the seller’s perspective. Mike’s easygoing and personable manner helped the buyers to present an offer that worked for them, had solid reasons for the bid below the ask, and yet was an inviting offer to us to close the deal! Wins all around. If you want a solid recommendation on your home’s value, quick and accurate communication, systems that are simple to use even when out-of-state, and no-pressure, rational negotiation for the quickest sale of your home at the best possible price, I humbly suggest you let Mike do for you what he did for us.

Mike Hoffman

Mike has sold three houses for us and we are very pleased with how he handles the process.

He is compassionate, personable, efficient, and has made suggestions beneficial during the journey of the sale.

Jerry Briggs

Mike did a FANTASTIC JOB with the sale of our home.

He saved us quite a bit of money on things we were going to change, that he was sure would not increase our selling price. And his advice on how to price the home was VERY MUCH apreciated. As we moved out of town, he was also VERY helpful arranging some things that needed done, like a lawn mowing service, and arranging to have a broken window fixed. Mike is very professional, very helpful, and a huge asset when selling a home. You will definitely not be sorry if you put your trust in Mike to help you navigate the sale of your house, or the purchase of your next house.

Ken Bradmon

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